La Feria De Abril De Sevilla

La Feria De Abril
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Sevilla is a city in the area of Andalucia in the south of Spain.  It is a beautiful place.  In the summer, the temperature is very hot and for that reason the city is nicknamed el horno, meaning 'the oven.' 

The river Gualdaquivir runs through the city.  The tomb of Christopher Columbus can be found inside the cathedral.  The cathedral has a famous bell tower called La Giralda.

It is here in this city that a big and famous festival called 
la Feria de Abril takes place.  This means 'the April fair'. The festival takes place every spring and lasts for one week, commencing on Monday two weeks after Easter Day. 
Each year, there is a poster to advertise the event.

At the festival, people sing and dance sevillanas.  This is a form of Flamenco dance and music that belongs to the city of Sevilla. 

At La Feria everyone wears traditional Flamenco dress.   Girls and ladies spend a lot of time preparing for the event by discussing the colour of their dresses, hooped earrings and flowers for their hair. 

Feria de Sevilla
(Image from Wikimedia Commons, author Ed Tarwinski.)

Approximately one million people attend the festival.  

It began as a cattle market in 1847 with tents erected for the selling of the animals.  
Nowadays, the tents are striped in bright colours and inside there is music and dancing.  The tents are called casetas (little houses).  Most of the casetas are erected in an area of the festival known as El Real de la Feria, and there are around one thousand of them.

Every year, there is a temporary gateway to the Feria, called La Portada.  Below is an image of the gateway of 2007.  The gateway is covered in electric light bulbs so that it is lit up at night time.  The opening ceremony, when all the festival lights are switched on, is called El Alumbrado.

Feria de Sevilla
(Image from Wikimedia Commons, author Torchondo.)

Below is the gateway of 2008:
Feria de Sevilla 
(Image from Wikimedia Commons, author Lobillo.)

Below is the very first gateway to the Seville Fair.

Seville Fair
(Image from Wikimedia Commons, the original photo hangs in El Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares de Sevilla.)

Each day there is a fairground known as La Calle Del Infierno, meaning - 'the street of hell'.  There are horse parades, bullfights, dancing and music, and general merry-making!  
At the end of the week of festivities, there are fireworks.  The way to say 'fireworks' in Spanish is los fuegos artificiales.

It is well-known that many people return home at dawn following a night at La Feria de Sevilla - even children!

Spanish music
¡Vamos a bailar!
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