La Música Flamenca: El Cante, El Baile y El Toque

Flamenco music consists of three parts.


Los tres elementos fundamentales son:
1.  el cante: the singing.  This is done in the andaluz style with great emotion.  The singer is called el cantaor or la cantaora.

2.  el baile: the dancing.  The dancer is known as el bailaor or la bailaora.  Usually the dancer begins in a very still manner, first becoming accustomed to the atmosphere and rhythm of the music and then bursting into a dance of drama and passion.  Female dancers traditionally wear a long dress with a long, frilly train called una bata de cola.  Often they will dance with castañuelas in their hands.
3.  el toque: the playing of music.  This can be by playing la guitarra, clapping palms of hands (las palmas), beating a box-shaped drum (el cajón) and tapping heels (taconazos.)  A flamenco musician is known as el tocaor or la tocaora.


.Examples of Flamenco Music:
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 1.  El baile flamenco con castañuelas

2.   El toque de la guitarra

 3.  El cante y el toque

4.   El toque

5.  El baile flamenco (niña de 5 años)

6.  El cante.

7.  Bailando sevillanas durante la Feria de Abril

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