Famous Buildings in France: Le Château de Versailles

Le Château de Versailles

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In 1624, King Louis XIII built a hunting lodge in the village of Versailles, outside Paris.  This building was enlarged by the next king - Louis XIV - who turned it into the magnificent and enormous palace that we see today. 

In French, this palace is called Le Château de Versailles.  The palace has hundreds of rooms and it is famous for its luxurious and extravagant style and furnishings.
The gardens of the palace are amongst the most famous gardens in the world.
(Image from Wikimedia Commons, by Jean-Christophe Benoist)

Below is a photo of the famous Hall of Mirrors in the Le Château de Versailles.  This hall is called La Galerie des Glaces and it was created by King Louis XIV in the 17th Century. 
 At that time, mirrors were one of the most expensive items you could buy. 

Hall of Mirrors
(Image from Wikimedia Commons.)

A famous resident of the palace of Versailles was Marie-Antoinette.  You can read some information about her on THIS PAGE.

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