Le Pont du Gard
A famous aqueduct that looks like a bridge.

A very famous construction is Le Pont du Gard  in the
Languedoc-Roussillon region of Southern France. 

It is a small part of a very long aqueduct (about 50km long) that crosses the River Gard (or Gardon), so that at that part it looks like a bridge crossing the river. 
pont du gard
Above: Le Pont du Gard.  The construction looks like a bridge but it is in fact an ancient Roman aqueduct that crosses a river, making it seem like a bridge.

It was built by the ancient Romans around two thousand years ago. 
Its purpose was to transport water along a 50km journey from the spring called Fontaine d'Eure to the Roman town of Nîmes.

 pont du gard
Image above: Le Pont du Gard in the 1850s.

At the part where the aqueduct crosses the river, it seems very high, on three levels. 

It took around 1000 workers approximately three years to complete the 50km of aqueduct. 

When it was complete, every day it carried fifty thousand gallons of spring water to a big well in Nîmes.  The well was called the Castellum.
You can see a picture of the ancient Roman well, below.

pont du gard castellum 

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